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St.Lucie County DUI

2nd DUI Offense in Port St. Lucie or St. Lucie?

Dedicated DUI Defense Attorney

Being arrested for DUI (driving under the influence) the second time around can be very frustrating. In many instances, a person may still be on probation for a first DUI offense and will face even stiffer penalties if convicted. In the state of Florida any type of DUI arrest is very serious and if a person is convicted a second time they can expect to lose their driving privileges for an even longer period of time, in addition to most likely receiving a jail or prison sentence.

Defense for Drunk Driving Charges in St. Lucie or Port St. Lucie

If you want to fight the DUI charges that you may face you will need to hire a St. Lucie DUI lawyer with experience. At David Golden, P.A., we have over twenty years of experience, knowledge and skill protecting the legal rights of clients charged with a 2nd offense DUI. If you want aggressive legal representation and a very strong legal commitment then please contact attorney David Golden immediately. Mr. Golden will make every effort to have charges lowered or even dropped whenever possible.

Failure to hire a Port St. Lucie DUI defense attorney may result in the following DUI penalties if convicted:

2nd Offense DUI (within 5 years):

  • Misdemeanor
  • Up to 12 months in Jail
  • Fines Up to $2,000
  • 5 Year minimum Driver’s License Suspension
  • Up to 1 year Probation
  • 50 hours of Community Service
  • Impoundment of Vehicle
  • 1-2 years of Interlock Device placed in Vehicle
  • Insurance Penalties
  • Mandatory DUI School
  • Possible Deportation if Non-U.S. Citizen
  • Permanent Mark on Criminal Record

Safeguarding Your Future

David Golden, P.A. is “AV”-Rated by Martindale-Hubbell for their high ethical standards and legal ability. Please contact us immediately to schedule a free case consultation and to learn more about your legal rights in the state of Florida.

Arrested for DUI in St. Lucie or Port St. Lucie, Florida? Contact us today!

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