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Blood Tests and Breath Tests in Florida

St. Lucie & Port St. Lucie DUI Defense Attorney

DUI (driving under the influence) is a serious criminal offense in the state of Florida. For this reason there are very specific laws that have been created and are enforced in the effort to deter people from drinking and driving. One of the many laws is Florida’s implied consent law, which states that anyone issued a Florida driver’s license is giving their prior permission to submit to a blood test or a breath test if they are every suspected of DUI in the state of Florida.

Both tests are administered very differently, but are used to measure the amount of alcohol within a person’s system. The blood test is administered by use of a needle inserted in to a person’s vein to obtain a sample of blood. The blood test is then read by lab personal to determine whether or not a person has blood alcohol content (BAC) at or above the legal limit. However, there are several issues that can surround the results of a blood test, such as inexperience, contamination, fermentation and mistakes.

A breath test is a little less conclusive but still aims to measure the amount of alcohol that a person may have in his or her system. It is typically administered by use of a breathalyzer machine by law enforcement. A person suspected of DUI will be asked to blow into a device that will then measure his or her breath alcohol content, which is said to be almost equal to a person’s blood alcohol content. A breath test however can pose many legal issues as often the breathalyzer machine is outdated, poorly maintained, malfunctions or is used improperly.

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In addition to any of the above issues that can surround a blood or breath test there are still several other legal problems that may exist. To learn more about whether or not a mistake may have been made during your arrest contact St. Lucie DUI lawyer David Golden immediately. We know and understand your legal rights and are committed to obtaining a case win.

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