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St.Lucie County DUI

St. Lucie DUI Accident Attorney

Vehicular Manslaughter Defense Lawyer in St. Lucie and Port St. Lucie

When a person drinks and drives a motor vehicle they are putting not only themselves at risk, but they are putting the lives of countless others at risk as well. Being charged with a DUI accident in Florida is an extremely serious criminal offense, especially if others are injured or killed. Not only may person face DUI charges, but they can also face additional serious criminal charges of vehicular manslaughter or vehicular homicide.

At David Golden, P.A. we protect clients’ legal rights within both the state and federal criminal court system. Whether a person is charged with a non-injury DUI accident, or a DUI accident causing severe injuries or death, we will aggressively fight to minimize the charges and DUI penalties that one may face. In addition, if we believe that others may be to blame for the accident, or a person was in fact not drunk while driving, we can fight to have charges dismissed immediately.

Florida DUI Accident Penalties:

  • Up to 1 Year in Jail or Several Years in Prison
  • High Monetary Fines
  • Victim Restitution
  • Possible Lifetime Drivers License Suspension or Revocation
  • Mandatory Community Service
  • Mandatory DUI School
  • Alcohol/Drug Rehabilitation/Counseling
  • Up to 5 Years Probation
  • Parole
  • Insurance Penalties
  • Installation of Interlock Device in Motor Vehicle
  • Possible Motor Vehicle Impoundment
  • A “Strike” Under Florida’s “Three Strikes Law”
  • Permanent Mark on Criminal Record

Dedicated DUI Accident Defense Attorney

Please contact St. Lucie DUI accident attorney David Golden immediately if you or a loved one is charged with a DUI accident or any other type of misdemeanor or felony DUI offense including: 1st DUI offense, 2nd offense DUI, 3rd offense DUI, 4th offense DUI, multiple DUI, spring break DUI or out-of-state DUI. David Golden, P.A. offers sound legal advice to potential clients throughout St. Lucie and Port St. Lucie, Florida.

Arrested for a DUI accident in St. Lucie or Port St. Lucie, Florida? Contact a lawyer today!

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