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Lakewood Park DUI Lawyer

Helping Clients Fight DUI Charges in Lakewood Park

A DUI arrest can be a very unsettling experience, especially when it's a person's first encounter with the law. Driving under the influence is arguably the most commonly committed and prosecuted crime in St. Lucie County and the state of Florida, and district attorneys have become experts on how to effectively prosecute drivers against these charges. When faced with a DUI arrest in Lakewood Park, you need a DUI defense attorney who is equally matched to prosecutors, and who can provide you with an aggressive and thorough defense.

If you are searching for a Lakewood Park DUI attorney to handle your case, we urge you to contact David Golden, P.A. Our firm is backed by more than 20 years of experience and has a proven record of success. We've represented clients from all walks of life with all different types of DUI cases. Some law firms handle cases in all areas of law, but at our firm we only accept DUI and criminal cases. Our extensive work in the defense field has enhanced our ability to provide clients with personalized attention, dedicated service, and all around superior defense representation against their Lakewood Park DUI charges. We know this is a stressful time in your life, and that you are probably worried, stressed, and concerned about how your arrest will affect your future. Give yourself the peace of mind you deserve by hiring a Lakewood Park DUI defense lawyer to help you confront your charges, contest your license suspension, and work towards resolving your case successfully.

Experienced DUI Defense Attorneys Serving Lakewood Park

At our firm, we have experience in all areas of Florida DUI law, including those cases involving: first-time DUI charges, second DUI charges, felony DUI charges, breath & blood tests, field sobriety testing, DUI accidents, license suspensions, and more. If you'd like to discuss your Lakewood Park DUI charges with an attorney at our firm, please call the office today at (800) 483-0998!

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